OUCRU labs are dedicated to conducting cutting-edge medical research and advancing our understanding of infectious diseases. 

Located within our host institutions, our labs play a crucial role in studying and combating a wide range of diseases prevalent in the region.   

Our lab focuses on a broad spectrum of infectious diseases, including but not limited to respiratory infections, tropical diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases, and emerging viral infections. We conduct translational research that bridges the gap between basic science and clinical practice, aiming to improve diagnostics, treatment strategies, and prevention measures. 

We specialise in the characterisation of pathogens responsible for infectious diseases. Through advanced molecular techniques, such as genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis, we investigate the genetic diversity, evolution, and transmission patterns of pathogens. This information helps us understand disease dynamics, identify potential drug targets, and design effective control strategies.  

Our lab conducts epidemiological studies to examine the patterns, determinants, and risk factors associated with infectious diseases. We collaborate with local communities, hospitals, and public health agencies to collect data on disease prevalence, incidence, and transmission dynamics. These studies inform public health policies, guide interventions, and contribute to the global understanding of infectious diseases. 

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