Partnering with media

The mass media plays a very important role in communicating scientific issues and shaping public attitude to science. Thus, ‘science journalists’ are often defined as a bridge between scientists and the ordinary people. Recognising the importance of the media in the public’s understanding of science and some of the difficulties of science writing in Viet Nam, the OUCRU Public Engagement department works to bring journalists and scientists together.

Health Communication Workshop: In 2011 a 5 days workshop was held for over 60 journalists and health communication staff from hospitals and health services in HCMC to promote relationships between health professionals and journalist, and to train them in communicating health and science messages.

Science for Children:

  • We are partnering with Nhi Dong children’s magazine, with a readership of over 50,000 children aged 12-16, to publish a weekly science page.
  • We are encouraging young OUCRU scientists to write about their research and collaborating with some local environmental groups to produce well-written, educational articles each week.