Evelyne Kestelyn

Head of CTU

Evelyne Kestelyn leads the clinical trial units, which manages around 64 research projects annually. One of her goals is to deliver high quality clinical trial data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

She is currently working on the OUCRU Data Sharing policy to push for an institutional sustainable open access policy. Evelyne has a strong interest in Research Ethics, and as a member of the Project for Informed Consent in Africa (PICA) network, she has worked on several informed Consent projects. She is interested in Informed Consent understanding, comprehension and assessments across different countries.

Evenlyne has worked for several years on HIV and RTI’s in Africa. She became involved in Microbicides research and has been a strong advocate for multi purpose prevention technologies to offer women options that protect them against multiple risks; HIV, STIs and/or pregnancy. She is pursuing a PhD on the acceptability and adherence of a contraceptive vaginal ring in Rwanda.



Master in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Master’s Degree in Comparative Science of Cultures and in Conflict and Development, Ghent University


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