Science Visits

School students uncover the scientific work and life of OUCRU researchers through interactive science visits.


Science and technology impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives. It attempts to find answers to many common problems, thus making our lives better. We propose that the earlier children get involved in learning about research, the greater chance they have of taking action to build a better world. However, there are limited opportunities for school students in Vietnam to experience hands on science in their schools, observe a research environment or meet scientists.

With our focus on health sciences at OUCRU we are keen to engage the public with our research as well as motivating the next generation to explore science as a potential career. The OUCRU Science Visits provide opportunities for school students from Ho Chi Minh city and nearby provinces to visit working laboratories and meet researchers.

The science visit programme aims to excite and engage school students in OUCRU scientific work to foster a lifelong appreciation for research. During the visit to OUCRU school students will see a working scientific laboratory and participate in engaging activities to get to know about the work and life of biomedical scientists.

The science visits will also provide opportunity for OUCRU researchers to build their science communication skills as they talk about their work with school students.

What we do

Lab tours

Researchers are ‘Lab guides’ to show students around the OUCRU laboratories and explain some of the biomedical research studies they are conducting.

Photo my science

We are working with OUCRU’s research groups to produce a collection of postcards capturing their daily science work from different angles. Meanwhile, school students are encouraged to select pictures from the internet, magazines or their drawings to illustrate their ideas about the OUCRU research group they will meet. These visual materials will help
generate conversations between the school students and OUCRU researchers.

Super small friends

Students experience hands-on science activities in laboratories through doing several simple experiments under instructions of OUCRU researchers.

Chat with scientists

Students work in small groups to collect information about some recent biomedical issues which will help them raise questions to scientists they meet. This activity raises students’ awareness of biomedical issues and emphasize the major role of scientists in finding solutions to public health crises.

One day as an OUCRU researcher

After each visit to OUCRU students are encouraged to make ‘Scientist-to-be’ plans, showing how they are inspired to become a scientist in the future. 5 students are invited to spend a day at OUCRU with more opportunities learn from and interact with OUCRU researchers.


  • 49 students, 2 teachers and 9 scientists participated in the first round of Science Visits in academic year 2018 – 2019.
  • Between September 2018 to June 2019, 5 “Science to School” and 4 “Science Visits” will be organized for local school children.
  • 6 collections of postcards in ‘Photo my science’ have been produced by 6 OUCRU research groups by January 2018.