What is public and community engagement?

Public and community engagement with research has been integral to our research programme at OUCRU since 2011.

Our engagement team works across all our three host countries (Indonesia, Nepal and Vietnam). They support our researchers to engage, enable partnerships with communities where our research is taking place. They also create opportunities for young people to be involved in our research and for communities to be involved in setting research agendas.

We run partnership and training projects, convene research advisory groups, host events and use social media to connect, inform and inspire on key health topics.

Public and Community Engagement at OUCRU

Find out more about what we do and the impact it has from Dr Mary Chambers, Head of Public and Community Engagement at OUCRU

What We Do

‘Through our engagement we can empower young people, health workers and communities and bring the benefits of science closer to them’ 

  • Involve local communities in our research to generate dialogue between researchers and the public
  • Develop initiatives which will bring science to the forefront of peoples’ minds in an engaging and entertaining way
  • Strengthen the capacity of our researchers and partner healthcare workers to communicate with the public and communities where research is taking place
  • Building and dissemination of evidence-based practice by evaluating impact and doing ‘engagement as research’

The events, consisted of a play and activities, aim at educating students about responsible antibiotic use.

The play, titled “Take medicine recklessly, bacteria can resist,” underscores the importance of individual actions, particularly those of young students, in combating this health threat.


How Can I Get Involved?

Contact us for more information on how to participate in, or contribute to, our engagement projects. Email us at publicengagement@oucru.org 

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