Associate Professor Nguyen Thuy Thuong Thuong


Nguyen Thuy Thuong Thuong




Group Head – Tuberculosis

Associate Professor, Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford University, Oxford, UK


Professor Thuong received her PhD training at OUCRU, Vietnam and postdoctoral training at Cornell University, USA in host genetics and cellular immunity in tuberculosis. She currently holds a Wellcome Trust International Intermediate Fellowship focused on linking human genotype and immunological phenotype to better understand TB pathogenesis using transcriptomics. She has been leading the Tuberculosis Research Group at OUCRU since 2015. The objectives of her group are to improve TB diagnosis and treatment by carrying out clinical trials of new diagnostic tests and therapeutic approaches. The group also aims to understand more about how genetic variations in both host and pathogen influence disease presentations, treatment response and outcomes.


Thuong’s international publications can be found on the NCBI database, here.

Key recent publications are below.

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